TEENERS, THE: Gold: 7”

Mar 31, 2009

The artwork for this seven inch has a whole bunch of very crudely drawn rats strewn all over it. It looks like a little kid could have done them and it makes me giggle. It looks like the kind of record where, if you happened to be browsing somewhere, you would never buy. However, your guess would be that it would either be complete garbage or it would totally kickass. What you end up getting is three songs of fast, sloppy hardcore in the vein of early Die Kreuzen. They’re from Austin and like most things from Austin, it rocks hard, is completely unpretentious, and really doesn’t give a damn what you think. Now when you see this record, you know you should pick it up, because I said so. That’s why you read these things, right?

 –Craven (Super Secret)