May 04, 2012

Remember hearing their previous album and not really bein’ swayed one way or the other, but there’s a lotta great troublemakin’ going on this time ‘round. At its core, Frights is a punk album by a band smart enough to know the best of that genre never relies on self-cannibalizing to come up with something that’ll stick out of the pack. There’s more than enough loud geetars, thud ‘n’ atonal, apathetic vocal delivery to go around here (hell, “Walking on Eggshells” could’ve easily fit into the early Buzzcocks’ repertoire), but underneath are smart bits of post-punk, ‘60s garage, and an occasional country swagger to add a bit of sly sophistication to the crash-boom. This screams to be played loud, and this punter is only too happy to oblige.

 –jimmy (Telephone Explosion)

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