TEENAGE PRAYERS, THE: Everyone Thinks You’re the Best: CD

May 26, 2008

Some solid, straight-ahead rock music like you haven’t heard since, oh, 1978 here, courtesy of a band that knows how to diversify their sound. While they do delve into the garage punk corner that the faboo Dream Syndicate, whose singer, Steve Wynn, produced this, frequented, they also make nods in many other directions, all of which have a layer of soul dabbled on top. Dunno if the average “thrash ’til I die” type would find much of value here, and I’m figuring the “musician” quality of this ain’t gonna exactly send these guys burning up the charts of a world that seems incapable of getting its fill of fake, faceless, pre-packaged pop these days, but if you dig yer mainstream music with retro qualities like creativity and variety, this should hit you right where it should. 

 –jimmy (www.teenageprayers.com)