Excellent! After hearing their self-titled 7” from a year back, I was hoping they would put out more music. This does not disappoint. If you like the single, you’ll like this. If you haven’t heard Teenage Moods yet, then you need to. Stylistically along the lines of late-‘80s, early-‘90s indie noise pop. There’s distortion with melody. The comparison to Vaselines still stands, then there’s some stuff like Dinosaur Jr, and Pixies buried in the music, but these guys inject enough of their own personality into the sound. The guitars are, at times, jangly, then abrasive and distorted, then there’s the bass that is right up there in the mix, which gives the songs more lift. I can not get “Yellow War” out of my head to save my life. But the songs that I really like are “Our Little Dirt” (great song!), “World Bouquet,” and “No Place for a Tiger.” Quality listening.

 –M.Avrg (25 Diamonds, 25diamonds.blogspot.com)