TEENAGE HEART: Friends with Benefits: CD

Dec 30, 2008

This sounds like lame, safe-as-milk pop “punk” from the ‘90s. A steady diet of pap like Pennywise and Face To Face with insecure male lyrics: “Lying in your bed / you gave the best head.” I seriously doubt that anyone is going to swoon over that type of shit. Or the gem, “Filthy Mouth,” about the dude’s girlfriend having sex with someone else in his bed. I find the idea hilarious. But nothing is as lame as their acoustic power ballad “In Dreams.” Piss-your-pants funny with soft vocals, and everyone adding their part. Twenty years ago, these dinks would be singing a cover of Extreme’s “More Than Words.” Blahhh...

 –M.Avrg (Buschranger, myspace.com/theteenageheart)

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