TEENAGE HEAD: With Marky Ramone: CD

Jul 31, 2008

I’m not sure if many of you outside of Canada were aware that Teenage Head is alive and kicking. It’s true, Canada’s Ramones are out there on the road and have now done a record of all their classic songs with Marky Ramone hitting the skins. I’ve got to say right off the top that I’m truly surprised at how good this sounds. I don’t mean that in a bad way at all. I’ve seen Teenage Head within the last year get on stage and destroy the place, leaving everyone in awe. I’ve also seen them suck terribly. Thankfully, this disc falls in with the former. The music sounds better than ever, and it’s not just Marky. They whole band it ruling. Frankie Venom is a character who you can just tell has done enough hard living and partying for all of us. His voice sounds as good as it ever has on this. My only real complaint would be his changing a bit of the vocal arrangement and delivery on some of my favorite songs (“Picture My Face” would be a glaring example). After listening to them a certain way for twenty years, it just sounds wrong when they’re different. Overall, this a great addition to the discography of these punk legends.

 –ty (Sonic Unyon)