TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET: They Came from the Shadows: CD

Nov 24, 2009

I’ve seen Teenage Bottlerocket a couple times live, but this is the first time I’ve actually had one of their albums to listen to (unless you count the Lillington’s CD someone lent me). They Came from the Shadows pretty much confirms what I had thought from seeing them live: they’re kickass. Normally, I’m not a fan of Ramones-core stuff—the area in which I would say Teenage Bottlerocket is pretty firmly rooted—because it usually sounds too formulaic and recycled. Teenage Bottlerocket are so good at churning out catchy, 4/4 punk with hooks that I can’t hate on them. My favorite songs have to be “Not Ok,” “Forbidden Planet,” and the absolute best song on the album “Without You.” To elaborate on the “Without You” love for a second, it’s the type of sappy, broken heart song that lyrically is about the farthest thing from tough, but the fact that it’s played fast makes it okay for dudes to blast loud (while crying on the inside). The total skate punk anthem “Skate or Die,” and the totally schizo “Fatso Goes Nutzoid” are pretty rad tuneage, tambien. This album is worth checking out. Interesting side note, the song “They Came from the Shadows” has almost the exact same melody as the Pointed Stick’s “Out of Luck.”

 –Adrian (Fat)