TEEN IDOLS/SQUIRTGUN: The Dysfunctional Shadowman: Split CDEP

Jul 17, 2009

Okay, you caught me. I like pop. I’m iffy when it comes to the Teen Idols. They have the potential to be a pretty great pop punk band. What holds them back is that there’s nothing extraordinary in there, nothing to just grab you and make you want to dance. You get little tastes here and there, but there is a simple solution: let Heather sing more. Listen to any song she’s got vocals on, and it’s apparent. She has a great voice that adds another dimension to the whole thing and just gives it something different, something that works. The two tracks on this have a little bit of Heather on backing vocals, so you can pretty much guess how I feel about it. There’s also the super-annoying first band, second band, first band, second band track order. Oh yeah, Squirtgun’s the other band. They blow.

 –megan (Asian Man)