TEEN COOL: Adolessons: CDEP

Aug 14, 2009

Teen Cool aurally explode forth with rudimentary rock’n’roll roarings in the vicious vein of The Stooges, New York Dolls, and the early Damned. This is nicotine-stained, beer-guzzlin’, bottle-smashin’ sonic surliness at its ugliest, meanest, and nastiest! After just one listen, it hammerlocked my mind, besieged my senses, and crushed my skull like a ton of bricks. And then it ferociously laid waste to my simmering mortal remains before I even had a chance to repent and confess my numerous sins. “Adolessons” is an unequivocal ear-killer, indeed. It’s audial decadence made for crankin’ to the maximum limit of decibel levels!

 –guest (Pelado)

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