TEE PEES, THEE: Self-titled: LP

Wait-wait-wait a second—I can hear all the instruments! Can it be Los Angeles’s finest purveyors of shit-fi have—GASP!—sold their souls and gone mainstream? What’s next—duets with Nicki Minaj in plastic see-through hot pants? Guest appearances on Ellen? Hipsters wearing Thee Tee Pees half-shirts bought at Urban Outfitters for thrice the price? Oh, the fuggin’ humanity! Sure, their habit of plundering the depths of the nether-area where hardcore and trashy garage intersect is largely intact and no less potent, and they still come on with the subtlety of a rhino dancing ballet, but for chrissakes, aren’t there some sorta rules about avoiding sonic coherence? Next thing you know, the Mummies will be releasing CDs or something…. 

 –jimmy (Manglor)