TEAR IT UP: Taking You Down with Me: LP

Apr 16, 2009

From the title track, which is basically Black Flag’s “Scream” tweaked and regurgitated as an instrumental, to their blazing tears through tunes that sound like they were plundered from Hüsker Dü’s thrashy back catalog, it’s obvious that these guys have a firm grasp of the history of the music they play, and they wear it on their sleeves. This is not meant as a dismissal, an attempt to lump them in with the hordes of lesser hacks who think that four chords played fast constitute good hardcore. To the contrary, it is obvious that bands like this and like-minded powerhouse Out Cold have a firm grasp and respect for the past and they allow it to influence, rather than dominate, their present musical output. These guys are far from a rehash band. Sure, all requisite hardcore identifiers are met with ease, meaning the songs are short, fast, and the boys play ‘em like they are royally pissed, but there’s enough original spark and, more importantly, a sense that their efforts are genuine in intent to allow them to stand tall over the teeming masses of generic cactus heads and nouveau metal merchants. It is wholly gratifying to hear others of like mind who revere rather than debase the music. I recommend that you buy a copy of this and indulge in a little smashism while it blares in the background.

 –jimmy (Havoc)

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