TEAM UGLY: Meat Prize/Screaming in Tongues: Cassette

Mar 17, 2015

The cluster headache kicked in immediately. Pain in the temples. Pain in the back of the skull. Pain somewhere in the flaps of my brain. It felt like getting a scalp massage from someone with skeleton hands. Then it spread to the rest of my body. The skeleton-hand masseuse took out my heart and tried to inflate it. My lungs felt weird about that. Unwanted. All of this hurt. But for some reason, I didn’t run away. My curiosity about these sensations kept me in my seat. And then something wild happened. About halfway through, my body and mind just accepted these odd manipulations and even began to derive pleasure from them. I reached the end, and instead of throwing the tape away, I flipped it over and started again from the beginning. One more time. Just one more time. 

 –mp (Self-released,

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