TEAM EMU: self-titled: CD

Jul 25, 2002

Please excuse me while I partake in a brief “Beavis and Butthead” (remember them?!) moment: “THIS SUCKS!!! Heh-HehHeh-Heh." Seriously, folks, this is a full-fledged teeth-gnashing auditory nightmare that’s as predictable and uneventful as Dipshit Dubya Bush’s ongoing routine of blatant, unflinching stupidity. If the “Peanuts” cartoon gang formed a punk band, they’d assuredly sound like Team Emu; a sonically unsalvageable disaster; sloppy, poppy punk piss-swill; The Dickies, Dead Milkmen, and Violent Femmes thoroughly doused in a bucket of fetid rhinoceros puke. I’d rather shit razor blades than listen to one more minute of this moronic musical mediocrity! Todd, shame on you for sending such nauseating audio sludge to me; I thought we were friends, man, so why, why, why must you inflict this kind of monotonous ear-mangling misery upon me? One more slip up like this, and I damn well will not bequeath you my well-worn socks and underwear when I drunkenly kick the proverbial bucket. Gosh almighty, the nerve of some people. HaHaHeeHeeHo!

 –Roger Moser Jr. (Team Emu)