TAXPAYERS, THE: Delusion Factory: CD

Jul 05, 2016

Glory be The Taxpayers, who have, for what ever reason, added a heavy pop-rock (ala Huey Lewis) element to their already unique sound. And somehow, despite all inherent logic: come out on top of it all. It’s very good! It’s a concept album about the trauma and healing a city must go through together after experiencing a large-scale disaster—the personal issues, systematic oppression, how it’s connected, and how it divides us. It’s a goddamn rollercoaster. It’s music that’s unsuspecting, is unexpected, and executed with unmitigated wingnut triumph. Taxpayers are the salt of the earth, while never dulling their vision or stifling themselves to fit into a pre-determined idea of what their band should sound like—or even more basically—what is acceptable for a punk band. I recently listened to this album in a house that had construction going on in the other room, and I felt like I was in the album. It’s not a necessary experience to enjoy it, but if you’re a super-fan like me: you might wanna give it a shot. 

 –Daryl Gussin (Useless State,

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