TAXI: Who’s To Blame b/w Down By Love: CD-R version of a 7”

Jul 06, 2007

The more i listen to this the more i loathe it utterly: The a-side is the kind of pointless midtempo pseudopunk that used to be held up as a shimmering example of the genre by MTV™ and similar overground know-nothings when they tried to advance a theory that the Hair Metal Of The Day was merely “Punk plus X!” (buy into that at your own peril, kids); the b-side might fit somewhere onto the end of one of the first few UK Subs albums were it outfitted by Charlie Harper’s vocals, but, alas, it is merely outfitted with the presumably unintentionally goofy vocals of some Italian guy singing en Anglais, so cross that one off your Christmas list as well. Seriously, if this is what’s supposed to pass for good punkrok in this day and age, the enlightened consumer might wanna think about taking a few years off from punk-dom and using that time to explore previously unscratched itches involving exploration of the classical, jazz, or techno realms. I mean, there certainly ain’t nothin’ to see here. BEST SONG: “Down by Love” BEST SONG TITLE: “Stone Age Woo” by Nervous Norvus FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: As a final indignity, i didn’t even get the vinyl to review, just a CD-R. Are there not rules in place to keep me safe from such horrors???

 –norb (Dead Beat)