TAVE: Homocore aus Dänemark: 7"

Jun 22, 2007

I dunno. I get “core,” and i get “homo,” i think, but i don’t really get “homocore.” Like, not to put too fine a point on it, but... uh... WHO CARES??? Like, i understand why gay dudes who are into punk go to gay punk dude festivals, because, after all, they’re essentially gay punk dude conventions, and, you know, if you’re into gay punk dudes, might as well go where the gay punk dudes are, because, hey, the math is there. However, i don’t understand “homocore” because, as a non-homo, all i can think of is that if some band put out a record purporting to be “comicbookcore” or “MilwaukeeBuckscore” or “GreenBayPackerscore,” i, even though i am a diehard fan of comic books and the Bucks and the Packers, would not imagine that such a record would be worth more than a cursory spin or two. The whole idea of this sort of “focus group rock” just seems trivial and lame to me. I dunno. Whatever. Tave sound like the kind of mid-’80s style hardcore band that one usually finds on the undercard in gigs in smaller cities (where such a style is still the dominant punk rock idiom), and they primarily sing about being arrogant heterosexuals who like to get drunk and fight. If a record like this is what you need to get thru your troubled adolescence, you have my sympathies. BEST SONG: “Gasser Rundt” maybe? BEST SONG TITLE: “Skraat Op Skrid” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The superhero depicted on the cover is Iron Fist, whose real name was Danny something or another.

 –norb (Audiofellatio)