TATTOOS I HAVE MET AND LOVED: $?, 5” x 8”, photocopied with color cover, ? pgs.

Mar 04, 2011

I have always considered my tattoos to be a private matter, hence why I have them all in places where I can keep them covered with clothing. I realize that other people do not feel this way, however, and those types of people are included in this zine. Along with a number of pictures that showcase various tats, this zine is comprised of interviews with the owners of those tattoos wherein they answer questions about them and talk about tattoos generally. Unfortunately, most of the people have somewhat dull tattoos and the stories behind them aren’t all too interesting. There are a few good tidbits here and there, but think about your own tattoos (if you have any). Or think of the tattoos that those around you have. Why did you/they get them? Do you/they have any stories about them? Would they be worth filling up a zine? Well, there you go. -Kurt Morris (

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