May 26, 2011

Here’s a group playing some straight-forward power pop with solid, sincere lyrics. My favorites are some lines from the song “No Pills” that go, “She went finding her own way. Next time I see you I’ll say—Hey! I knew who you were! But I don’t anymore.” As I was reading the lyrics, I noticed that most of the pictures in the background are grayish winter pictures that look like they were taken somewhere way out in New England. I looked up the band’s website, and they are in fact from that part of the country. They play shows in places like Dover, New Hampshire. People must love them for playing in small towns like that! I started reading the band’s blog too, and I am pretty much in love with how excited they sound about what they do: “Show tonight! Wooo!” and “This is happening Saturday, so come =)” I always love to see bands who aren’t too cool to get excited about shows. As if the deal wasn’t already sealed, I looked at the credits on the back and see that Mikey Erg played drums on all the tracks on this album. At that point, I am totally sold on these guys, but then I looked at the latest entry on their blog and they just broke up. Ah, what a cruel world this is.

 –Lauren Trout (Killer/ SP/ Hang Up/ Pop Jinx, hanguprecords.com)