TASTEMAKER #1: $4, 8 ½” x 11”, copies, 34 pgs.

Mar 23, 2012

Diverse musical coverage from none other than veteran zine publisher, Matt Average. While you’re probably familiar with his dedication to hardcore via his contributions to MRR, Heartattack, Engine, or Razorcake, his musical interests are far more complicated. As one can see in issue #1 of Tastemaker, which features interviews with the dark, synthy outfit The Secret Society Of The Sonic Six, and the dancier Glass Candy, as well as early L.A. punk artists and psyche pop musician Gary Panter. Instinctively, not what you’d expect from a punk zine, but, according to Matt, he doesn’t want Tastemaker to only be confined to punk. But don’t fret; on top of all that you still get the hardcore. Issue #1 also features interviews with The Timebombs and Total Abuse as well as tons of great live shots he’s taken over the years and scans of set lists he’s snagged. Hopefully #2 will be ready soon. –Daryl (Matt Average, PO Box 25605, LA, CA 90025)

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