TASER BREATH: Self-titled: 7”

May 20, 2010

Whoa!—this is chaotic and a lot for the ears to digest, even in the span of one song—but I like it. There’s a strange containment to it all after the first several passes. Grindcore. Someone-lived-in-Tucson-at-one-time weirdness. Dirge. Amphetamine Reptile-style spent fuel and diesel exhaust rock. Samples. It’s like listening to The Locust, where twice as many notes are shoved into a limited space that it’s a bit much to cram in all at once. But once the ear holes get dilated, and you know that the roller coaster isn’t completely coming off the tracks—that it just hasn’t followed a regular maintenance schedule—a nice, punchy, jarring ride with moments of pure fright that you’re gonna die followed by snatches of pure freefall and pleasant instrumentals spins off the 7”. For the four of you this’ll make sense to, invert the awesome quirkiness of the Cuntifiers into a dark and bad-drug filled place. Rub some Anal Cunt into that… then that’s what Taser Breath starts to sound like.

 –todd (Goin’ Ape Shit)