TARANTULADA: Self-titled: 7” EP

May 21, 2003

Although i kind of miss the New Bomb Turks, my missing of their records is a bit less acute; were, however, i to find myself in some manner of anguished state whereby my only recourse for preserving my mental well-being was to ingest some form of useful placebo, Side A of this record would likely stave off any manner of withdrawal seizure i’d be likely to contract, and is slightly more soulful than the NBT in parts, but not to the annoying extent of requiring me to testify or similar foolishness. Side B starts with the much more Zeke-y “What’s the Point” – i.e., stoner speed rock (might be amusing to find out some day it’s actually a Zeke parody) – and concludes with “Oleo,” which is like vaguely competent R&B speedmetal or something, like someone who owns more than one Metallica record trying to adapt James Brown riffs for their own sinister purposes. The one truly transcendent moment here is the guitar solo in “Suck Mule,” where the backing tracks simply bang back and forth from high E to A (yes, i was actually motivated enough to figure out the chords) whilst the geetar man gets his wild freak on, evoking such gems of olde as the Dickies treatment of the guitar solo section in Led Zeppelin’s “Communication Breakdown” and the solo in DOA’s “Smash the State” (minus the timely “OH SHIIIIIITTTTTT!”). Promising, i guess. BEST SONG: “Suck Mule” BEST SONG TITLE: “Suck Mule” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Odd that i would mention the Dickies “Communication Breakdown” in the same breath as DOA’s “Smash the State,” as DOA cover “Communication Breakdown” on the same album with “Smash the State” on it.

 –norb (Get Some!)

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