TAPEWÜRM #2: $5 or trade, 4¼” x 5½”, screen print cover, stapled, 56 pgs.

Apr 19, 2016

Issue number two of the best cassette zine has hit the streets. Located in Tokyo, writer and tape diehard Leif Lundgren (originally from the Bay Area) covers way more in this issue than in his first venture. Starting off, the black screen print on textured black paper is “metal” and dark as fuck. The images covering those covers are difficult to see unless you reflect light off the ink, but they are totally worthy of any powerviolence band T-shirt. In this issue Leif doesn’t stray from the format too much, though he does open it up to other contributors, as well as conduct many more interviews with both bands and labels that primarily release on cassette. After the zine’s intro and a piece on why preserving the tape format is important and in dire need of support, Leif launches into a list of Holy Grail tapes—his white whales, so to speak. There is a live show review (complete with photos), a list of labels and contact information, spotlights of record shops in Tokyo, and reviews of cassettes, which take up over half of the zine. He reviews forty tapes! Most of the bands reviewed are of the black metal, powerviolence, and grindcore persuasion, with a few softer genres thrown in, too. This is a passion project that is worthy of any music nerd, especially if you have a fondness for releases on cassette. –Kayla Greet ([email protected])