TAPE WÜRM #1: $5 color cover, $3, b&w, 8½ x 11”, copied, 26 pgs.

Nov 24, 2014

This zine is the project of a serious tape fiend. Leif Lundgren has a strong affinity for what most people view as an archaic medium, so much so that he’s dedicated a full zine to it. Having relocated from Oakland, CA to Japan, he quickly sorted out where to go tape hunting in his new home. I get the feeling that cassettes are regarded as outdated in Asia as they are in the states, as Leif is constantly buying them up with no prior knowledge in some cases. He gives a comprehensive list of the best shops in Tokyo to scour shelves for these spooled wonders. As he goes over in his introduction, points are dealt out for unique packaging: colored tapes, colored cases, screen printed covers, killer art, etc. The zine aims to elevate an interest in cassettes and reviews any and all that come his way. The reviews are brutally honest, snarky, and hilarious if they don’t tickle his fancy. Though if they do, you’re in for an even better treat! Each review is engaging and very entertaining—even when you have no point of reference for the bands discussed, which was often the case for me. Issue number one covers a lot of heavy, metally grindcore types of bands which the author has a specialized interest in. A good portion of the zine also covers being a foreigner and transplant in a completely different culture. Leif moved to Japan to teach English after college and has managed to transport a life of rock, beer, and zines over with him. The first issue (of what I hope will be many) culminates with a show review of Noise A-Go-Go, a rock’n’roll grindcore band that he saw on a whim. In this he shares his worry of not finding the music niche he so loved in Oakland, and the pure elation of finally experiencing it overseas. – Kayla Greet ([email protected])