Feb 26, 2009

A 45 split between the acoustic alter egos of Milemarker members Timothy Remis and Al Burian. Remis is Tanglefoot and he does two country songs: one acapella, one with guitar and banjo. It sounds nice, but the second song gets repetitive and the lyrics start to reek of an indie guy trying to “capture the quiet desperation of the common man.” Burian is Ill-Ego, which I initially misread as “Lil’ Ego,” and hoped for a hip hop parody. I was wrong. His wordy song twists and meanders like an anxious Robyn Hitchcock, glued together by proto-metal riffs, and there’s even a breakdown in the psychological sense of the word. It sounds like early Black Sabbath, if Ozzy was really and truly flipping out. The screenprinted cover features two cartoon animals arguing about the point of doing a record.

 –CT Terry (I Love Drugs)

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