TAMION 12 INCH: Let’s Suffer: CD

Apr 16, 2009

Listening to Tamion 12 Inch’s latest full-length, Let’s Suffer, is like being trapped inside a fever dream, escalated by too much Codiene—a vivid terror you just can’t, or perhaps don’t want to, escape. When the dream breaks with the fever, you wake up sweat drenched and compelled to write down every grotesque detail. The album’s first song “The Devil was Right (part 1),” is a sinister nursery rhyme setting the mood for the album like the childhood chant before the kill that marks so many horror movies. Tamion 12 Inch continues to drag listeners further into the void with sharp electronic precision, blistering noise, ominous basslines, guitars creating a death grunt, and a singer reminiscent of Siouxsie Sioux howling her way through “The Lord’s Prayer.” This is some seriously haunted electronic punk. I may not be able to sleep with the lights off after listening to this, but it is worth it. 

 –liz (Ersatz Audio)

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