Mar 17, 2011

A band named after a Twilight Zone episode featuring “Talky Tina,” a creepy doll. (“My name is Talky Tina, and you’ll be sorry!”) Features a member of the mod pop band The Odd Numbers, which is a good sign, and this band is pretty good, too, but I wish the guitar was louder and that the whole thing was more garagey (think: King Khan and/or the use of tambourines). But I must say that they are the first band I’m aware of to write a mod song about the Jehovah’s Witness, and for that, I must say: Thank you, Talky Tina. So, if you liked the Odd Numbers and/or mod revival stuff, you’d probably be into this, but I think Talky Tina is capable of much more. Talky Tina, I will be watching you, and you won’t be sorry! D’oh! If this were a cereal, it’d be Gremlins. (Yes, they did make a cereal based on the movie, and it existed for a brief time in the 1980s). Tasty, but if they added marshmallows, think of the possibilities!

 –maddy (Lost Highway)