TALK HARD: War Journal: 7"

Jun 13, 2007

Here's one that takes me back. Metallic hardcore, but not in the current dark-and-suffering-band-of-the-week mold. I mean this sounds like Struggle or something off of an Ebullition comp from the early ‘90s much more than it does like Isis or anything off Hydra Head today. It's pissed, it's smart, and there are weird little breakdowns and parts peppered throughout the songs so that it hooks you, keeps you listening, and never turns into a snoozefest. With songs like "American Idle," "Hardcore Kids Say the Darndest Things," and "If Your Local Anarchist Collective Ruled the World," you know what you're getting here: short, furious, intelligent songs by kids that are just as ready to critique the fallacies of their own scene as they are to the government or consumer culture. A twelve-song seven-inch from a band I've never even fucking heard of, and also a record that just so happens to come heartily recommended.

 –keith (Don Giovanni;

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