TALES OF SUCCESS!: $4, 5¾” x 8¾”, 28 pgs.

Feb 01, 2016

Semi-regular Razorcake Webcomic Wednesdays contributor Lukas Myhan has put out a comic detailing the recording process of Success’s latest release on Red Scare, titled Radio Recovery. The beginning of the comic details how the project came to be, largely spearheaded by Success frontman, Rev Peters. There’s a real sweet and funny panel on the first page where “self-doubting Lukas” is being punched by “motivated Lukas,” complete with this fantastic quote: “But once I made a promise to myself: I will never let fear prevent me from doing something I really want to do.” From there, the zine-like comic shares quick vignettes of memorable moments he’s spent with the Seattle band and how they met in the first place. Part one ends with the sweet notion that Success is like the Voltron of life events to Lukas: equal parts best friends and inspirational art. The second part gets into the nitty gritty of recording an album with a producer, and all sorts of antics that come with it. It’s a nice introduction to some of the sweetest dudes on the planet. Tales of Success! is available on Silver Sprocket’s website and is the perfect companion piece to Radio Recovery. If only more albums had a comic to go along with them. –Kayla Greet (store.silversprocket.net)