TALBOT ADAMS: “Red Diamonds” b/w “Not Even Europe”: 7”

Jul 29, 2013

Talented musicians—once known for their wild behavior, their on-stage intensity—sometimes have kids. And, sometimes, instead of being shitbags, absentee parents, and future defaulters on alimony, they adapt their behavior. Both Alicja Trout (doing Alicja-Pop) and Greg Cartwright (who mentioned that he wrote some of the Reigning Sounds songs from Love and Curses on his kid’s toy instrument) are recent examples of this soothing, mellower result. Talbot Adams follows in this rocker-as-good-parent tradition. If you’re expecting the blast of the Royal Pendletons or Dutch Masters (both bands Mssr. Adams was in), it’s an inappropriate expectation, like bringing a keg and strippers to a baby shower. But if you’re in the mood for quiet Sunday morning jams that balance out the hangover with kids screaming to help them make a dinosaur out of cardboard box, this is some good stuff.

 –todd (Spacecase, spacecaserecords.com)