TALBOT ADAMS: Jesse and Jack: EP

Nov 16, 2010

Jesse and Jack is an absolute burner. You can buy this EP for $4.99 from Douchemaster Records. And while I seldom encourage people to straight-up buy records I get for review (we’re all just scum bags—no hierarchy here), this is one of those times where you need to just trust me and pick this gem up. These four tunes are pure gold. “Away” is a beautiful song—a street-level folk-rock number in the vein of “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue” (the Chocolate Watchband version). “Life Is Good When Cinematic” has great girl-group harmonies and a driving, Tommy James and the Shondells-like bass line. All of these tunes are so simple—they share a lot in common with The Seeds and early Love in their teenage lyrical subject matter and musical accessibility. But there’s real brilliance to them. “To Jack and Jesse or Jesse and Jack” has an ace Merseybeat root-fifth bass line that makes the song, not to mention a great, reserved little guitar lead. You have to have a vast knowledge of music and lyrical prowess to come up with a 45 of this caliber. Although the music is so simple to perform, to replicate it is really difficult. This is the hallmark of all great music. I mean, even down to Adams’ lyrical phrasing on “Summer Days” and its nursery-rhyme feel. He’s truly entering Syd Barrett, Ray Davies, and Dan Treacy territory with the tune. What do you say when someone drops a 45 of this caliber on your lap? I can easily write a sprawling, thousand-word article on how good this EP is. I’m not fucking around, either. Pound for pound, this is the greatest 45 I’ve ever received for review. Right up there with Greg Cartwright at his best. Absolutely stunning. If you don’t like this 45, write the magazine and they’ll get you in contact with me. I’ll purchase it from you, collect a few, and sell them back to people who get it. I can lay this offer out because I know no one will take me up on it. I haven’t lost hope for humanity.  –ryan (Douchemaster, douchemasterrecords.blogspot.com)