TAKERS, THE: Taker Easy: CD

Nov 24, 2009

Hot damn, this band is fantastic! Members of Whiskey & Co. have started a new band called The Takers and put out one of the strongest full-length albums in recent years. Coming on very much like Uncle Tupelo with more ‘70s country influence, this is an incredible batch of songs. Fans of Drag The River and the Weight will want to be all over this band. I have to admit I am an absolute sucker for this style, but bands must have the songwriting chops to pull it off. The Takers have all the songwriting they need and plenty to spare for lesser groups. This record also works extremely well as an album. With no particular standout song, it is just a great batch of songs that makes me play it over and over again. I know it seems roots rock/alt country is becoming another punk rock retirement plan, but as long as there are bands this good I will welcome the trend. Enough of this review business; I gotta hear this record again.

 –frame (Suburban Home)

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