TAKE WARNING: Self-titled : 7”

France is a nation currently brimming with talented punk bands of all genres. Take Warning is a new band on the scene, with this, their second 7” release following an earlier split release. Take Warning play angry punk’n’roll. The sound quality of this recording is great for punk’n’roll— very gritty—but just clean enough that you can hear everything. Most of the songs on this were pretty run of the mill, but one song that stuck out to me was “Outside,” the first track on the B-Side of the record. This song had the best riffs and lyrics of all the songs on this record. While there was nothing bad about this record, with so many great bands coming out of France right now, I felt this didn’t do enough to stand out from the rest.

 –Paul J. Comeau (Purepainsugar, [email protected])