TAKE MY CHANCES: Down Here with Us: CD

Nov 28, 2006

These guys just come slamming out of the gate with the first song and don’t quit. It’s some competent hardcore stuff with a vocalist that, when he’s not screaming himself bloody, sounds like he’s belting out forgotten tunes from a Hello, Bastards-era recording session. Actually, when I’m doing something else and not really focusing on Down Here With Us, not actively listening to it, the whole thing really starts to take on the definite flavor and punch of a Lifetime record. When the focus returns, I start to note differences between the two—Take My Chances are melodic, yeah, but the melody’s buried. They’re more focused on getting in there, playing the song and getting the fuck out. So I guess I’d say it sounds a lot like Lifetime filtered through a standard hardcore colander, with a touch of thrash thrown in the mix. The layout for this thing’s absolutely gorgeous (though I’ve got a sinking feeling it’s not being offered on vinyl) and there’s a few hidden tracks that consist of Misfits and Black Flag covers. Definitely a decent outing.

 –keith (One Day Savior)