T. TEX EDWARDS: Intexicated!: CD

This is an eclectic mix of psycho Elvis country, later-era Ramones jams (think “Poison Heart”), and bizarre comedy songs from the guy who led the Nervebreakers. Quick history lesson: When the Sex Pistols toured Texas, they played a show in San Antonio, TX (my hometown!) and the Nervebreakers opened up for them. One of their songs was covered by the Angry Samoans. As for this record, the country songs are the songs that are easiest to digest. As far as I know, this is just a bunch of odds and ends recorded at various parts of Edwards’s career and, boy howdy, does it feel that way. This honestly probably shouldn’t even have been released. It feels like table scraps, which a good B-sides collection shouldn’t be. Not worth the effort it takes to listen to.

 –Bryan Static (Saustex, saustexmedia.com)