Nov 30, 2010

You’re going to want this because it’s Systematic Death, but prepare to be blown away by See You In Hell. I find myself listening to their two songs over and over. Featuring an ex-member of Mrtva Budoucnost, and having been around for a number of years, See You In Hell crank out some heavy and powerful hardcore punk with a definite Japanese influence, but they’re not a clone band by any means. The bass has an awesome sinister tone at the beginning of “Od Narozeni” that only hints at the blazing power in the rest of the song. “Krize II” is a total ripper that starts off with a soundtrack from a thunderstorm then rips wide open with a crushing force. So f’n awesome, it just about blows my mind. Systematic Death are back from the dead and just as awesome today as they were back then. Fast, tight, and catchy hardcore punk that leaves the listener agog. “Life” is an instantly memorable song that shifts back and forth from mid to fast tempos, and a repetitive beat that hooks you in. “Switch” is fast, wound up, and races at a break neck speed with some stop go parts that border on sending everything into a wild tailspin. This record was put together for their joint European tour from earlier this summer. I can only imagine how awesome the shows were.

 –M.Avrg (Insane Society,