SYSTEM AND STATION: A Series of Screws: CD

Nov 16, 2010

What a pleasant surprise this was. I had heard of this band ages ago when I picked up a Copper Press sampler CD. We’re talking two or three computers ago. I’d only ever heard the one song from them. When I got this I was happy to see they were still around and curious to hear more since I had enjoyed the one song I knew of theirs. Listening to A Series of Screws, I didn’t discover the world’s best kept secret but I did discover a pretty good one. Coming out of the Pacific Northwest, System and Station (S&S) has been around for over a decade and play indie rock but with good angular moments influenced by some post-punk sound. I was at various times reminded of Shiner and Cursive. Frontman Ryan Heise has the ability to create some catchy tunes while maintaining some integrity in the music. And his vocals reminded me of Cris Cordero’s (whose album was one of my favorite rock albums I’ve reviewed here at Razorcake) with the ability to sing clean if needed but retaining gruff edges when called upon. Some of the songs have great grooves but keep their strength. S&S is noisy without being obnoxious and tight without being pretentious. It’s a solid album that I hope gets them some of the attention they deserve after certainly having put in their time.

 –kurt (Latest Flame)

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