SYNTHETIC ID: Apertures: 12” EP

Mar 07, 2013

Interior designers have well over two hundred names for white. Within this tiny spectrum of light where all color unifies is a complex, nuanced band. Navajo. Eggshell. Cream. Off white. Synthetic Id sounds like snow blindness and fever. They sound like white walls—white on white, separated by the gloss of the enamel. They also sound crazy, but contained in this hygienic-by-design container of a 12”. It’s satisfying as all hell, conjuring images of the Minutemen’s knack of unlatching a barrage of songs that are distinct to themselves, but continuations on a sealed theme. They also share DNA with Giant Haystacks and The Fall, where they sound like they’re going in twelve directions at once, but still never neglect the song’s intention of being rocket propellant. Excellent.

 –todd (1-2-3-4 Go!,