SYMBOL SIX: Self-titled: LP

I can easily prattle on about the extras that have been included with the reissue of this seminal L.A. hardcore band’s criminally overlooked and ultra-rare initial 1982 salvo, and yes, the inclusion of rehearsal recordings, live tracks, and a new tune or two is definitely ice cream on some o’ the best pie you’re ever gonna eat. Let’s be real here, though. The fine doctor could’ve released only the original Posh Boy EP’s four tracks (plus “Box of Bones,” which was on one of that label’s later compilations) here and this would still be one of the best purchases one could wish for. Everything that made early Southern California hardcore so goddamned influential is etched into every single groove that make up the opening five tunes here—melody, aggression, and attitude melded into a perfect blend of beach-tinged thug pop that made bands like the Adolescents and others household names. Fuggin’ stoked as hell to see this available again, and I highly recommend you pick up a copy before you’re again paying outrageous sums for a copy of your very own.

 –jimmy (Dr. Strange)