SYMBOL SIX: Monster 11: CD

Nov 16, 2010

I loved Symbol Six back in high school. Saw them once at Godzilla’s opening for 45 Grave right after the EP came out on Posh Boy. Wish they had recorded more back then. They were so young but had a knack for writing good songs with musicianship that was beyond their years. They were melodic with metal overtones, but with a SoCal punk edge. Saw this in my review pile and I totally cringed. I went to a gig recently where the reformed band was headlining. I left right before they played. I did not want to taint my memory of a favorite band from my childhood. Now my memory is tainted. Gone is the punk energy with the youthful vocals. What I hear is another generic bar rock band that I have heard millions of times. More power to them for wanting to play music again. Wish they would have changed the name. I hear no semblance of their former selves

 –don (Symbol Six,