Goddamn, do I hate the way CDs sound, everything so crisp and bright. Makes me want to head to the nearest pig farm, throw the Sworn Liars CD in the mud, and let the hogs root around with it for an afternoon. “Vile Device” comes off sounding pretty darn generic and I attribute most of that to the overly clean production. A song like “Tired of You,” with its outer space keyboard intro and wall’o’sound guitars, would sound a helluva lot better with some greasy globs of booger snot in the mix. Same goes for “Krank.” These guys are all over the place musically, with a couple cool satanic horror punk songs, some Circle Jerks hardcore (“Every Body”), and some bizzaro countrified rawk (“Kill Me,” “Foul Thing”). The songs aren’t bad, but it’s all a little too scrubbed-behind-the-ears sounding for me.

 –benke (Big Neck)