SWINGIN’ UTTERS: Here, Under Protest: CD

Jul 19, 2011

It’s been a long time since I listened to the Swiggin’ Utters. But it’s a nice change from what I have been listening to lately. They are one of those bands that I need multiple listens before I start to appreciate the songs. This is the case again. I have had this on repeat for most of the day. It’s growing on me. First track, “Brand New Lung,” reminded me of modern day Bad Religion. In fact, the whole album gives me a Bad Religion, Social Distortion-meets-Squeeze feeling. Another thing I noticed is that they seem to be a lot mellower. They’re focusing more on melodies with a cowpunk under current, focusing on the mid-tempo. But they do come through with a charging attack with the song “(You’ve Got To) Give It All to the Man.” The song shakes things up with punk rock fury. As with all Fat releases, the production is top notch.

 –don (Fat)