Jun 22, 2007

This is such a fucking hard band to describe. I could say that they take all the compressed weirdness of No Means No and mix it with the trashy, fucked up rock and roll of the Motards, but that doesn’t really seem to fit. I could also say that, when I first heard the term “powerviolence,” this is what I hoped it would sound like, but that’s not gonna help anybody, either. So I’m about to just give up trying to describe this record because every second that I spend typing is one less second that I’ll be able to spend playing air drums. All I can say is that I didn’t know if they could top The Mongolita Chronicles but they did, and if you like spastic, weird, impossibly catchy punk bands like Toys That Kill, the Bananas, and Fleshies, you should just weld your CD player shut with this inside it.

 –josh (Recess)

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