SWIMS: Ride of the Blueberry Winter: LP

Mar 14, 2007

Nominally psychedelic, the Swims owe as much to early ‘80s new wave radio pop and mid-to-late ‘80s college rock as they do the whole Nuggets scene. It could be arguably be shown that this band occupies some manner of nebulous middle ground between the dB’s and Redd Kross if one were to use a sufficiently curvy protractor. I might also care to mention the Raspberries and an occasional Moe Tucker vocal interlude in this same breath. A rather interesting record which i do not have a complete handle on at this point in time. Surely some day i must own a bowling ball that looks like this vinyl! BEST SONG: “C’Mon Day” BEST SONG TITLE: Either “We Need…Lava” or “Be My Lava Valkyrie” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: I have honestly never seen hand-lettering quite like this.

 –norb (Prison Jazz)