SWELL MAPS: Sweep the Desert: CD

Though I don’t have much by this band, they’re definitely a favorite. This disc collects songs from their past releases (some selections overlapping what was compiled on “Collision Time Revisited” over 10 years ago). The influence this band had on music is unreal. You can hear it in Sonic Youth, Joy Division, and Mission Of Burma, just to name a few. Discordant music that fucked with what was considered standard in song writing, and at the heart was a good pop song. “Fashion Cult” is a great example. Noisy, jangly, and catchier than hell. Same with the triptych “Full Moon in My Pocket,” “BLAM!!,” and “Full Moon (Reprise).” My favorite stuff, though, is the dark “Big Empty Field (no. 2),” and “Collision With a Frogman vs. The Mangrove Delta Plan.”

 –M.Avrg (It’s Alive/Total Energy Records)