SWEET MADNESS: Made in Spokane 1978 – 1981: LP

Jun 06, 2014

Sweet Madness, like the title suggests, existed in somewhat of a cultural void: Spokane, Washington in the late ‘70s to early ‘80s. A DIY band out of necessity. They’ve got a pretty solid power pop foundation going on here, with heavy nods, wittingly or not, to contemporaries La Peste, Neighborhoods, or U.K. folks like Nick Lowe and The Jam. It’s a sturdy grouping of songs and, aside from a few missteps (the song “Mechanical Things” is a totally out-of-place Devo homage, and the infrequent blurts of harmonica here and there mostly just sound jarring), is a nice collection that holds up surprisingly well thirty years later. It’s nicely packaged, has great sound quality, and is accompanied by flyers and promo photos. 

 –keith (Light In The Attic)