SWEET J.A.P.: I’m Only Moonlight/Found There “No Go”: 7"

Jul 06, 2007

Had to do a little research to see what this band is all about. First off, this is a Japanese band transplanted to Minneapolis. Interesting choice. I see they are compared to Teengenerate, Registrators and Guitar Wolf, all of whom I have never listened to but have heard of the names. So here I go again and have to do this going in blind. Noisy, buzz filled, dirty three-chord rock mixed with a punk nastiness. The songs are a mixture of ‘60s garage punk toughness and yet they still paint a fun-filled ride. Glad they didn’t go for the low–fi sound because the power would have been lost. I also like the fact that the songs seem to be barely over a minute each. With such a small dose, you feel like you need more to finally reach your high.

 –don (Dirtnap)