SWEET J.A.P.: I’m Only Moonlight b/w Found There ‘No Go’: 7"

Jul 13, 2007

Come on. Two songs? TWO SONGS?!? That’s not enough Sweet JAP for this reviewer. In my opinion, this is about eight songs too short, but beggars can’t be choosers, I guess. Sweet JAP. They freakin’ smoke. They smoke like a future throat cancer patient with Marlboro vouchers, possessors of that rock and roll Midas touch in league with bands like the Marked Men and the Knockout Pills. No wrong moves. No stutter steps. Just lightning bolts of garage trash excellence. These two songs aren’t as manic as their full-length, Virgin Vibe, but they’re more hip-shakin’. There are also seems to be more backup vocals, presumably to allow the frontman to crash into the drumset or maybe get a beer. If you like music made with guitars and drums, you can’t go wrong with this, and if you disagree, I’ll buy your copy from you so I’ll have a backup copy when mine wears down.

 –josh (Dirtnap)