It’s easy to forget what a record represents, especially if you listen to a lot of them. There’s much more than screams and chords and drumbeats packed into that wax. There’s the moment of inspiration in which the song was conceived, along with whatever triumph or turmoil the songwriter might have been going through at the time. There’s the hours of practice, building an idea for a song into something that works. There’s the friendship. There’re the arguments. There’s the sweat put into the recording process. There’s life itself. It’s all there, etched into the grooves. And it will always be there. While both sides of this split are killer, the songs on the Sweet Cobra side of this split are particularly packed with life, with energy. It’s inescapable and it’s amazing to listen to. The first two songs were the last conceived by Sweet Cobra’s old guitar player, Matthew Arluck. He died before the songs were recorded. But here they are, together with a third track, a raw guitar piece, the last thing he ever recorded. He may be gone, but he left a bit of his life on this record. Here’s hoping for many, many spins. 

 –mp (Hawthorne Street)