SWEEP THE LEG JOHNNY : Going Down Swingin: CD

Jul 21, 2009

Chicago's infamous Sweep The Leg Johnny is back with another gem of a record. One of my favorite bands in existence, period. This time, one of the Rumah Sakit boys has joined in on guitar. (Making Mr. Mitch Cheney the other Californian in the band – with bassist Mr. John Brady of the equally infamous Spanakorzo and Swing Kids.) They have two songs over fourteen minutes on this album. But trust me, you'll never notice. You'll be so zombified by the stellar musicianship, intense as all fuck, bring-me-to-tears-at-times lyrics, and the swarthy saxophone that you will lose track of time. Yes, a saxophone. Dueling with the guitars like it was one, vocalist Mr. Steve Sostak (also in Check Engine, alongside guitarist Mr. Chris Daly) – then sounding like a cracked out violin, to being another vocalist entirely. They range from hard as fuck rock to delicate off-time jazzy beats. Hard and soft. Rough and smooth. Every instrument leads the other. Mr. Scott Anna's drums often bring the entire band together through the awe inspiring feedback and so forth – his instrumentation makes you realize – yes, you’re still alive. I won't even bother comparing them to anyone, ‘cause it's pointless. Sweep The Leg Johnny is its entirely own genre and being. Speak the gospel, for this is Sweep. –Sarah Stierch

 –guest (Southern)