Sep 23, 2011

Gleefully raucous. A halting, yowling, tightly-wound mess. There’s a whole lot of namedropping in the one-sheet, and a few of them actually seem fairly accurate to this listener: I do hear a few nods to the unabashed structural weirdness and tomfoolery of NoMeansNo, and the crazed bombast of Jesus Lizard. On songs like “Bury My Body,” they go for a more traditional garage rock approach (there’s even a few palm mutes in there!) but, for the most part, it’s crooked, rawboned, dirty shit. They never quite match the full-blown intensity of either band, but they come pretty close. The recording’s slightly murky, but a band like Swear Jar may not benefit all that much from everything brought into the light and examined under a microscope. Their particular vision is not my thing at all, but it’s still a reasonably realized one. Not bad.

 –keith (Phratry)